Scented Gel Beads Air Freshener

Scented Gel Beads Air Freshener

‚ÄčItem: scented gel beads air freshener
Weight: 120gram ,150gram,350 gram
Scent: Rose, Tea, ocean, Lemon, Lavender etc.
Material: Super absorbent polymer beads, essence

Product Details

Scented Gel Beads Air Freshener Details:

Item: scented gel beads air freshener
Weight: 120gram, 150gram, 350 gram
Scent: rose, tea, ocean, lemon, lavender etc.
Material: super absorbent polymer beads, essence


Inner: plastic container

Outer: box or gift box, or shrink wrap


This product uses an innovative scientific formula containing plant extracts to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and quickly eliminate harmful gases and odors lurking in the home environment, keeping the air clean and fresh. It also has the effect of soothing and helping the sleep, thus creating a healthy, comfortable, natural fragrance, green and environmentally friendly living space.


1. Scented gel beads air freshener will continue to neutralized and eliminate odors for 60-90 days in up to 450 square feet. Each Gel Bead will leave behind a light and pleasant fragrance that is not overpowering.

2. Our products are all naturally derived, non-toxic, non-allergenic.

3. It is safe around pets and children, simply remove the top label and open the jar to remove the interior liner and screw the cap back on. For a better using effect, place it in a well-ventilated area.

4. It is suitable for putting in home, bathroom, closet, office, RV, boat and other places, garbage cans, mold, pet odors, food odors and other odors.


Before use, please open the upper top cover of the freshener, tear open the inner layer seal, and then re-cover the upper top cover.


Do not let children play and do not swallow. Do not invert when using.

Adaptation range

Living room, kitchen, washroom, wardrobe, office, car, hotel, hotel and other public places, where there is a need for fresh air and fragrance.

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