Activated Carbon Room Air Purifying Bag

Activated Carbon Room Air Purifying Bag

Product category: Activated Carbon deodorizer bag
Main ingredient: global activated carbon, High molecular live mine
Net weight: 2400 gram
Specification: 100g * 24 pcs
Application: anywhere of in the indoor space

Product Details

Activated Carbon Room Air Purifying Bag Details:

Net weight2400 gram
Specification100g * 24 pcs
Outer box size29*16*16cm
Carbon bag size12*10 cm
Inner Aluminum foil bag size20*8.5**6 cm
Valid date3 years in the vacuum condition
Applicationanywhere of in the indoor space
Main-ingredientglobal activated carbon, High molecular live mine

Air Purifying Bag Description

Activated carbon room air purifying bag main component is modified spherical activated carbon, it can effectively remove formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC, and other bad smells. For a newly decorated house, it is necessary to put these carbon bags in the corner of the room, closet, drawers and other places.

Small size apartment use 1 box house fitting special carbon bags =24 packs

Model size apartment recommended to use 2 box = 48 pack

Large size room suggest using 3 box = 72 packs


1. Cheer pack sealing; prevent the air and ash to ensure the product quality.

White non-woven fabric makes it looks clean, simple and suitable for the house fitting.

2. Modified globular activated carbon has strong pore and adsorption ability. When exposed in the sun, it can be reused.

3. Double HD-AIR nonwoven fabric, strong toughness, permeability and ash leak proof.

4. Due to its very strong absorption properties, coconut shell activated carbon has been scientifically proven to reduce the release of formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and chloroform gases from everyday products such as paints, carpets and furniture.

5. Fragrance-free, chemical free, non-toxic.

6. Safe to use around children and pets.

7. Made from natural sustainable resources.

8. Mainly used in the air to eliminate odors and toxic substances.



Widely used in adsorb the bad smell of pollution from a living room, bedroom, bridal chamber decorates, kitchen, furniture and others. It is very suitable as a gift to friends, relatives, employee benefits, promotional gifts, etc.



1. Place the carbon bags in the corner of the room, closet, drawer, etc.

2. It can be reused, put the carbon bags in the sun for several hours each month.

3. The fabric has strong air permeability, need not tear off or cut the bags

4. Do not eat, take care of the children.

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