300 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag

300 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag

​Product name:300 gram bamboo charcoal bag (boots air purifying bag)
Color: White/Black/Customized
N.W.: 150g*2/Customized
Size: 75*(300+50) mm/ Customized
Row Material: bamboo charcoal or activated carbon

Product Details

300 Gram Bamboo Charcoal Bag Details:

Row Material: bamboo charcoal or activated carbon
Size: 75*(300+50) mm/ customized
Color: white/black/customized
N.W.: 150g*2/customized
Carton Color: brown

Packing Material:

1. Double Packing ( inner SMS fabric+ outer canvas fabric )

2. Packaging: black Opp bag/ OEM/ neutral Opp bag

3. Size of Material Carton: 454*346*380mm

4. Carton Color: Brown

OEM Accepted: Yes

Free Sample: Yes

Delivery Details Sample: 1-2 working days, Mass Products: 15-20 working days

Function: eliminating bad odors, dehumidifier. Prevents mold

Used Places: Specially designed for long boots, snow boots, martin boots, leather boots, shoes, etc.

The bamboo charcoal bag can purify the air, generate negative ions, has good adsorption of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide, and can release natural minerals to promote plant growth and purify the air. It also releases far infrared rays and enhances body immunity.  The bamboo charcoal bag can block electromagnetic waves, regulate air humidity, and deodorize and remove mold.


1.Quick deodorization, moisture proof, mildew proof, insect proof, automatic humidity control.

2. It is soft and environmentally friendly. It is a true skin-friendly product with irreplaceable special attributes and superiority.

3. It can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances released from indoor wood-based panels, paints, paints, adhesives and insecticides. At the same time, the natural fending is released to make the indoor and indoor air fresh and pleasant.

4. Special designed for long boots, snow boots, Martin boots, leather boots, shoes, etc.

Period of application

The use of bamboo charcoal bag has no time limit. It has no specific shelf life, but it must be used correctly . It has certain skills in adsorbing formaldehyde. When it absorbs formaldehyde, it must be separated. Take the outdoor drying in a week, especially to expose the sun, which can remove the moisture and odor absorbed by bamboo charcoal, and maintain the good function. The principle is that after the internal voids of absorbing formaldehyde, it needs to be released by sunlight, so that it can be reused.

The adsorption rate is directly related to the selected bamboo charcoal moisture content, particle thickness, charcoal package, and the intrinsic quality of bamboo charcoal. After fully aired, the effect is remarkable. Not only the harmful substances will be volatilized into the atmosphere with the water, but some microorganisms will be killed and the roadblocks will be removed.

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