Air Purifying Bag Eliminates Smells Shoes Deodorant

Air Purifying Bag Eliminates Smells Shoes Deodorant

Air purifying bag,inner SMS fabric + outer linen fabric. Main ingredient: bamboo charcoal.Weight:75g/customized. Linen fabric size: 8*19cm for 75g. Two types: string(rope) and eyelet(hole). Four color:Green/Brown/black/Grey/Customized. Packing with blank plastic bag(OPP/PE bag, our regular packing), color box(gift box/kraft box), printing compound bags, or customized packing.

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Air Purifying Bag Eliminates Smells Shoes Deodorant

Got Smelly Shoes? What about your Gym Bag or Uggs?

This is the natural remedy eliminates smells, odor, and moisture at the source without adding harmful chemicals. 


Raw material: Moso Bamboo Charcoal

N.W.: 75(grams/piece) /OEM

Size: 8*19cm

Linen color: Green/Brown/Grey

Packaging: Blank Opp bag/Retail Color Box/OEM

Function: absorb odor,fresh air

Used places: Houses, car, drawer, closet, office, factory, warehouse

Certification: MSDS,DMF, RoHS, SVHC



1)Air purification      

It can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances released by indoor artificial board, paint, adhesive, insect repellent and so on.                                                    

2)Release natural minerals     

Bamboo grows from the soil to draw potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, carbon, aluminum and other minerals, made of bamboo charcoal, these substances will be attached to the surface of porous bamboo charcoal.     

3)Make anions     

Bamboo charcoal has a strong role in adsorption of dust to reduce the respiratory tract by the air and other objects to stimulate the dust, gastrointestinal contraction to help exercise, favorable digestion, reduce aging.     

4)Release far infrared ion     

Bamboo charcoal to release the infrared can promote metabolism, increase body immunity and healing power.     

5)Deadening Electromagnetic wave     

Bamboo charcoal can be used as a shielding material, because of the conductive effect, the use of metal reflection electromagnetic wave principle of relative protection.   

6)Adjusting air humidity     

Bamboo charcoal porous structure, excellent aeration, water permeability, good water retention. Bamboo charcoal is both desiccant and humectant.     


1.Established in 1998, CHUNWANG group is a set of R&D,production and marketing enterprise

2.Product Series: household moisture absorbers, deodorant for refrigerator,toilet bowl cleaners,car dehumidifier, washing machine cleaner,drain cleaners,car air fresheners,desiccants,container dry bag,oxygen absorber,etc

3.Enterprise Scale: more than 15000 square meters, more than 300 staffs

4.Chun-Wang became an public company in 2015 and its the only one in this area

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