Coconut Shell Sofa Gap Purifying Bag

Coconut Shell Sofa Gap Purifying Bag

Weight: 50g/piece , 8 pcs/ Unit, OEM welcomed.
Ingredient: Coconut shell carbon / activated charcoal
Packing: Double SMS Non-woven fabric (air permeable and no ash leakage)
Craft: Ultrasonic packaging machine

Product Details

Coconut Shell Sofa Gap Purifying Bag Details:

Name: sofa deodorizer stick
Weight: 50g/piece, 8 pcs/ unit, OEM welcomed.
Ingredient: coconut shell carbon / activated charcoal
Packing: double SMS non-woven fabric (air permeable and no ash leakage)
Craft: ultrasonic packaging machine


Widely used in sofa, cushion, mattress, pillow, car headrest etc, purifying air, removing moisture and mildew.

Coconut based Activated Carbon

* Developed an internal pore structure, large specific surface;

* Strong absorption capacity;

* Odor adsorption and moisture absorption complementary;

* Effectively eliminate formaldehyde, poisonous smell and bacteria;

Super absorption 

Specially designed for removing odors from the sofa.

The main filling material of sofa is a sponge and fluffy cotton, the surface of the sofa usually uses cloths, fabrics, leathers, which contains large formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, doing harm to human's body. When in the ventilated environment, the porous structure of activated carbon can fully touch harmful gas in the air.  The strong adsorption ability of activated carbon pores will immediately inhale the harmful gas molecules. So, coconut shell based activated carbon can effectively absorb harmful pollutions, eliminate odors.

How to Use?

* Open the outer package, put the activated carbon bag on the gap between the sofas, cushions and other places.

* One piece or more together depending on actual situation.

* Once opened, please use it immediately, the rest, reseal as soon as possible.

* Expose the carbon bags in the sun for 2~3 hours per month, it is reusable.


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