125g Self Adhesive CaCl2 Desiccant Pouch Tyvek

125g Self Adhesive CaCl2 Desiccant Pouch Tyvek

Solidifying after Using: Sorb-Plus Desiccant will become solid after reactions with the absorbed water.There is no leakage problem anymore.

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How to judge the status of moisture absorption?

For Silica Gel, we could not judge the status neither by visualization nor by touching. (Sometimes it may turn to pink from blue after using). For Sorb-Plus Desiccant, it is very easy, since it will turn to be solid after using, and make sure replace it by a new one after you find this situation.

How to dispose after using?

Burning it by incinerator: Burning Sorb-Plus and its package will not make any harmful gas and its content will turn into powder after being heated over 600℃, thus brings no pollution even when it is buried into the soil.

Burying it into soil: could dismantle its package first and bury the content into the soil after using, it will not pollute anything. The package is not easily rotten, so need dismantling first.

How is absorption capacity of Sorb-Plus Desiccant below 0℃?because our products are usually delivered to some extremely cold districts like Russia. 

Sorb-Plus Desiccant could work normally from -30℃ to 90℃. It just performs a little bit slower when the moisture content in the air is much less at a very low temperature. Silica Gel could not make continuous absorption when it is below 0℃, because the absorbed moisture blocks up its micro pores when frozen. Therefore, it hardly works under such a condition.

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