2-way Fiber Humectant Packet

2-way Fiber Humectant Packet

Chunwang two-way humidity control packetcan help product that need stock in specific humidity. Widely use in herbal medicine, wooden craft, museum collection, etc.

Product Details

2-Way Fiber Humectant

Chunwang 2-way humidity control packet is made of fiber humectant packed in film covered non-woven fabric. The humectant bag can help product which needs stock in stable humidity to maintain goods in excellent status. It is widely used in wooden craft, painting&coin collection, herbal plants, etc.

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Regular specifications:

Packet Size(L*W*thickness)
1.5 gram30*45*3mm
4 gram60*70*3mm
6 gram60*80*3mm
8 gram60*100*3mm
30 gram
60 gram110*180*6mm

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