CaCl2 Desiccant Packs

CaCl2 Desiccant Packs

The highest absorption to compete against other normal desiccant silica gel, mineral clay, etc The mostly wide use in industrial packaging, home use,etc

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Calcium chloride is in form of  white or grayish white, and has a granular,and a powder form.  It is non toxic, odorless and slightly bitter. It is extremely hygroscopic and is easily deliquescent when exposed to air. 

Calcium chloride has outstanding adsorption capacity at different temperature.

Features: Calcium chloride has the effect of adsorption static dehumidification and odor removal. 

It is widely used in industrial packaging, shipment, storage. 

Therefore, calcium chloride can be used as a raw material for a desiccant and is one of desiccant materials.

Charateristics of using cacl2 as desiccant:

Calcium chloride packaging materials are generally fixed, inner PET film + unidirectional venting cloth or unidirectional venting DuPont paper, outer layer with unidirectional venting cloth, which can prevent calcium chloride desiccant leakage powder, etc. phenomenon.

The water that calcium chloride turns into after moisture absorption is actually pure water, but "aqueous solution of calcium chloride" will flow out if nothing else is added. Therefore, the calcium chloride desiccant needs to add edible starch, so the calcium chloride desiccant will turn into a yellow condensate after moisture absorption.

Main types of chemical desiccant:

One type is an acidic desiccant, which is rich in H2SO4, phosphorus pentoxide P2O5 (non-dryable NH3), silica gel desiccant, etc.

The second type is an alkaline desiccant, which has a solid caustic soda, a lime desiccant and soda lime (a mixture of sodium hydroxide and calcium oxide);

The third type is a neutral desiccant such as anhydrous calcium chloride desiccant, anhydrous magnesium sulfate and the like.

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