Cargo Moisture Absorbent For Marine Transportation

Cargo Moisture Absorbent For Marine Transportation

Cargo Moisture Absorbent for Marine Transportation/humidity absorber strip of 1 kilo Hig absorption rate with mo liquid, especially for wood and timber products, agricultural cargo, leather products,

Product Details

Cargo Moisture Absorbent for Marine Transportation

Container desiccant is mainly used to reduce  the air humidity in container which is caused by transportation or storage m make sure your cargo in a perfect condition when shipping


Agricultural products,wooden productsm, Electronic products,Metal Products, Tetiles,Household products

2,Environment friendly

Container desiccant is a kind of non-toxic, environment friendly and food grade desiccant.

3,Moistureproof and safe

Major ingredient of container desiccant are calcium chloride and Amylopectin Polymer.

After absorb the air moisture, it will turn to gel directly. Constructed by multi-package material, safe, firm, totally eliminate leakage possible.

4,Superior absorption rate:

Container desiccant absorption rate can be reached above 200%, the following drawing is a data which container desiccant keep absorbing for a months in normal temperature (Shenzhen, August)


Weight 1kg
Moisture Absorption200%
ContentCalcium Chloride Powder and Starch
Packing Two layer without leakage
Density 75%-96%


  • Customizing(language choice:English,Japenese,French,German, Korean, Russian, etc;Branding your own name or logo).

  • Package selections :cartons,plastic bucket,iron bucket.

  • Advanced pakage:dual package(the most advanced one venting packiang material:tyvek for inner sac, non woven fabric for outer sac).


  • High aborption rate:above 200%.

  • Safe without leakage:turn to gel after moisture absorbing; dual layer. inner layer:Transparent film  and Tyvek paper; outer layer: high grade non woven fabric.

  • Newly design: well used in garments, furniture, agriculture, etc.


Where to use

1. Ocean, truck, rail & shipping containers

2. Protection of textiles, leather goods, shows, furniture, food products, grains, feeds, pet food, canned goods and bottled products
3. Protection of industrial products such as auto parts, machinery, metal products, paper and cardboard boxes
4. Ideal for boats & TV’s as well as long term storage applications.

During transit of cargo,  as the temperature inside the container will rise and fall betwwen day and night, the relative humidity inside the container also fluctuate, leading to container rain and cargo sweat.

These are the features of Container Desiccant and benefits of using it.

  • Competitive pricing - you will not pay exorbitant prices. This technology is available at silica gel comparable prices

  • Save in shipping - Since you are ordering only a fifth of moisture absorbent, you save 80% on shipping

  • The formulation will constantly and effectively absorb moisture throughout the voyage. Unlike silica gel which will get u

  • Use less chemicals - 1 kg of Cactus PRO is equivalent to 5 kgs of silica gel. A greener solution!

  • set up all at once early on, exposing your cargo to subsequent damages.

  • Once absorbed, moisture is not released back in to the container. There is no leakage. The gel can be disposed off easily.

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    Wide Use Shipping Container Desiccant Moisture Absorbent With Hooks

     Wide Use Shipping Container Desiccant Moisture Absorbent With Hooks

    PicturesModal NOPacking Details
    CODC-91-1012 strips in one carton
    CODC-91-148 strips in one carton
    CODD-91-1016 Bags in one carton
    CODB-91-1014 strips in one carton
    CODB-91-10C14 strips in one carton(inside layer:without non woven paper)

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