CHUNWANG® Moisture Proof Desiccant 25g

CHUNWANG® Moisture Proof Desiccant 25g

CHUNWANG® Moisture Proof Desiccant 25g are sub-packaged by tyvek and calcium chloride, starch. It complies with EU reach regulation Never leave a drop on your products. All time keep your products dry during storage.

Product Details

CHUNWANG® Moisture Proof Desiccant 25g 


Product NameCHUNWANG® Moisture Proof Desiccant 25g 
External shell inside tyvek+PET, coated non woven 
Form packet 
Product NO.CODE-25C4
seal typeback seal, hot seal
Packaging20 pcs/foil bag, 400 pcs/box, box size:46*28*26cm;
On pallets(LCL):  1 pallet=56 boxes=22,400 pcs
On pallets(20FT): 1 pallet=64 boxes=25,600 pcs, 20ft=12 pallets, 20ft=307,200 pcs
20FT: 840 boxes= 336,000 pcs

ApplicationAgricultural products: spices, coffee, tea, tobacco, pepper, ginger, cloves, cashew, rice, wheat, corn etc.
Wood products: furniture, paper products etc.
Electronic products: electronic applications, cables, toys, etc.
Leather products: shoes, garments and sofa furniture, etc.
Metal products: sheets, rolls, machinery, auto parts / spare parts, aluminum ingots, copper products and so on
Textiles: garments, batik, fabric etc.

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