Desiccant 100g Of Calcium Chloride

Desiccant 100g Of Calcium Chloride

Desiccant 100g of Calcium Chloride

Product Details

  1. Environment friendly and safeIt is safer the environment than the previous Power Sorb-C by water-retainer. Calcium chloride is a very safe substance used as a food additive.

  2. High price performanceI a s Power Sorb-CE has 20% or more adsorption capacity than previous Power Sorb-C, it can significantly reduce freight costs.

  3. Big adsorption capacityIt adsorbs more than silica gel and bentonite clay by 5 – 7 times under various condition.

  4. VitalityAs it does not adsorb so much under low humidity condition, it will work for a long time.

  5. Fast adsorptionIt adsorbs very fast.

  6. Visible adsorption statusAs it becomes jelly after adsorption, user can see adsorption status.

  7. SafetyCalcium chloride is very safe substance used as food additive.

  8. No corrosion/No deliquescenceIt solves deliquescence problem of calcium chloride by water retainers. Also, it uses special porous film for prevent water leakage after adsorption.

  9. No condensationAs it uses PE film for one side, there is no condensation on its side.

Material :powder calcium chloride and gel

Specification:2g 5g 10g 25g 50g 100g


Manner ofpackaging:carton packaging

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Desiccant Usage

Absorption Desiccant

Desiccant Application

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