Desiccant For Closet

Desiccant For Closet

Desiccant Bag for keeping your closet dry in case of any mold issues. High asborption and long lasting performance.

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The reason for getting mold

The enclosed environment is prone to mold, while the wet winter is one of the most prone to moldy seasons. Under normal circumstances, mildew is caused by the following conditions:

1. The indoor environment is damp, and the board is easily affected by moisture.

2, the board itself is relatively humid, if the air circulation is not smooth, etc. will also cause mold.

3, paint quality and technology will also cause mold, poor water resistance is the culprit of the mold.

4, the clothes themselves are damp, and there are sweat, stains, etc., which can cause mold.

Desiccant for Closet

How to deal with moldy mold

1. When the wardrobe is moldy, the first thing to do is to remove the mold. Under normal circumstances, use paper towels, brushes, wet towels, etc. to remove, do not use steel balls, iron brushes, more sharp objects will damage the paint on the surface of the wardrobe, bringing a lot of trouble to the future.

2, remove the moldy material, you need to sterilize, and then paint the wardrobe again varnish, this can effectively prevent the wardrobe from mold again. It causes mold, which is mostly caused by paint. Therefore, it can be effectively prevented from being mildewed by using local rain cleaning after local cleaning.

3, the root cause of the mildew of the wardrobe is still the environment is humid, so keeping the environment dry is the ultimate magic weapon to prevent mold. Put some quicklime, old tea, etc. in the home to absorb moisture and dry the environment. If the interior of the wardrobe is very humid, you can hang the incandescent lamp inside the closet to dry the interior of the wardrobe.

4, mold breeding will emit an unpleasant smell and cause some respiratory diseases, so you can put some orange peel, air freshener, etc. to freshen the indoor air, of course, it is necessary to maintain ventilation.

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