Mildew Proof Bag

Mildew Proof Bag

Desiccant can also be a good choice for mildew prevention.It is suitable for textile, furniture, plastics,etc

Product Details

1 use natural imported material with original packaging 

2 it is environment and friendly,DMF free, 

3 can mildew proof and absorb moisture, 

4 no color no taste,nonvolatile 

5 it is convenient to use 

Desiccant is suitable for preventing the dampness of instruments, meters, electrical equipment, medicines, food, textiles and other packaging materials. Desiccant is also widely used in the sea, because the goods are often deteriorated due to high temperature during transportation. The agent can effectively remove moisture and moisture, so that the quality of the goods is guaranteed.

used for moisture protection of bottled medicines and foods. Ensure the drying of the contents and prevent the growth of various molds.

used as a general packaging desiccant for moisture protection.placed in the packaging of various items (such as instrumentation, electronics, leather, shoes, clothing, food, medicine and household appliances, etc.) to prevent the article from being mildewed or rusted.

Mildew prevention for plastic product:

First, it is recommended that long-term placement of plastic products be properly preserved, placed in a dry and ventilated place, pay attention to moisture and moisture;

Secondly, it is recommended to store a desiccant in the storage of plastic products. The desiccant can absorb 3 times of its own moisture, prevent moisture from being mildewed, or put a piece of anti-mildew tablets to form a mold-proof space, inhibit the growth of mold and prevent mold;

Third, it is recommended to add a small amount of anti-mold agent when making plastic products to make mold-proof plastics to prevent the occurrence of mildew.

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