Package Moisture Control Desiccant

Package Moisture Control Desiccant

These bags/sachets are calcium chloride based with available sizes in 2-200 gram. EU reach compliant. Free samples

Product Details

CODE-1A - 1 g (nw) calcium chloride desiccant 1 gram  6000 PCS/box

CODE-2C4 - 2 g (nw) calcium chloride desiccant 2 grams  2500 PCS/box

CODE-5C4 - 5 g 5 g (nw) calcium chloride desiccant  1500 PCS/box

CODE-10C4 - 10 g 5 g  800 PCS/box

CODE-25C4 - 25 g calcium chloride desiccant 25 grams  400 PCS/box

CODE-50C - 50 g of calcium chloride desiccant 50 grams  240 PCS/box

CODE-100C - 100 - g calcium chloride desiccant 100 grams 150 PCS/box


Calcium chloride desiccant                                                                 

Delivery time5-20 working days
Safety & InspectionISO9001, ISO14001, SGS, Watsons, MSDS, DMF-Free
PartnersWalmart(Walmart Manufacture ID:158634130)ZTE, Emerson, Coach, Mattel, Emerson, etc

high efficient & super dry desiccant/moisture absorber for container shipping or warehouse storage 

Moisture absoption


Raw Material

Powder calcium chloride & kind of gel 

Packaging Material 

Non woven fabric 

Shelf life

2 years when sealed

2G Super Dry Desiccant Pack

10G Textile Use Desiccant of Calcium Chloride

10G Textile Use Desiccant of Calcium Chloride

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