Semiconductor Humidity Control Agent

Semiconductor Humidity Control Agent

Semiconductor Humidity Control Agentis or Sachet desiccant is a compact desiccant product developed specifically for moisture requirements in small packaging environments. Which meet MIL-D-3464E standard.

Product Details

Keep semiconductors dry inside your folil package, no dust, no leak, mold, rust, corrosion away.

It is referred as dehumidifier to control moisture in contained environments, including pharmaceuticals, medical, diagnostics, food, electronics, and optical industries. Clay Desiccant Packets are made of an aluminosilicate clay compound which is a natural mineral and is more economical than silica gel. At 20% RH, Dry Packs will adsorb 5% more moisture than required by Mil-D-3464E, where as silica gel will only adsorb 3.5% more moisture than required by Mil-D-3464E. 


Bentonite dessicants are all natural, effectivly absorb moisture in packaging to prevent damaging effects such as corrosion, mold and degradation. The production of clay desiccants have less impact on the environment as no harsh chemicals are used during production and mine sites are recultivated and renaturalized.

Available sizes in 1/2, 1..32 units

Dupont paper packed 

Meeting mil-D-3464-E standard

ISO, BSCI, GMP, USAFDA approved manufacturer 


Moisture barrier package with desiccant

Bentonite Clay Desiccant Pack 1

Tyvek No Leak

Montmorillonite clay desiccant Application.jpg

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