Unit Pack Desicant Clay

Unit Pack Desicant Clay

Unit Pack Desicant Clay primarily used in form of desiccant bags made according to DIN 55 473 to protect products which are sensitive to humidity. In addition,Dry-Plus desiccant clay can also be used for the static dehumidification of air and other gases, for example in chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, clean rooms and drying rooms, etc. Dry-Plus desiccant clay is a natural calcium bentonite consisting of approx. 90% montmorillonite. Calcium bentonite has a layer structure. It is able to reversibly adsorb water molecules to its inner surface area. Dry-Plus desiccant clay in big bags with inlaid polyethylene bags of up to 1,000 kg net weight.

Product Details

Physical Chemical Characteristic 

Adsorption capacity:23%

Moisture Loss:3%


Grain size:1-5mm

Bulk density:850%


Dry-Plus Desicant clay is being used for various applications of static dehumidification processes. Air and otehr gases can be effectively dried. Dry-Plus Desiccant clay is mainly applied in form of desiccant bags according DIN 55 473 OR MIL-D-3464E for the protection of products, which are sensitive to humidity.


big bags within inlaid PE inliner bags of up to 1000kg net weight 

DIN Dry Type B can be ordered in multiple desiccant units (DU) / pouch sizes:

1/6 DU, 1/3 DU, 1/2 DU, 1 DU, 2 DU, 4 DU, 8 DU, 16 DU, and 32 DU

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