1.0KG Cargo Dry Absorbent Container Desiccant

1.0KG Cargo Dry Absorbent Container Desiccant

Cargo Dry Pak. Cargo Dry Pak comes in 1000-gram Tyvek or 1,400-gram sewn bags and it is able to absorb 200% of its weight in moisture.The 1,500 gram in a sewn strip has hooks for easy placement throughout the shipping and storage container.

Product Details

1) CODB-91-10: 1000g-weight (size: 83*15cm) 

shell design, strong compression resistance with a hook, beautifully printed.

2) CODC-91-10: 1000g-weight (size: 83*15cm) 

Double packing, non woven bag, with hook, good suspension, can be placed in the groove of the container wall, save the packing space.

3) CODD-91-10: 1000g-weight (size: 54*16cm) 

Small size, flexible use, visible stitch pin, put in the narrow space between the top of the goods and the top of the container, does not occupy space packing.

4) CODC-91-14: 1400g-weight (size: 193*16cm) 

1.93 meters long, can be hung at the top of the container, the moisture absorption area doubled, in the same environment and time, moisture absorption is more rapid, more efficient.

1.0KG Cargo Dry Absorbent Container Desiccant

1.0KG Cargo Dry Absorbent Container Desiccant


 * Only one listed company in this industry in China

 * Professional with many years experience from 1998

 * Most competitive price from material supplier base on huge orders to them.  

 * Experienced and Effective inner cost control system through whole process.


Quality Control:

 * Twelve quality control staff, monitor in production line  

 * Providing relative solution

 * Testing from material to final products according to international standard

 * ISO, SGS, DMF, BSCI,ISO90001,ISO14001 approved factory


 * OEM / ODM service and support  

 * Provide Free Sample for check the quality

 * Clients Service One-to-One  

 * Effective Communication within 24 hours

 * Attend Canton Fair to meet customer face to face

1.0KG Cargo Dry Absorbent Container Desiccant 

1.0KG Cargo Dry Absorbent Container Desiccant



Q: What's the payment term?

A: Support all payment,L/C,TT, West Union,D/A,D/P, ,Money Gram,Paypal.

Q: What's the lead time?

A: 10-20 working days after payment confrimed( regular product)

Q: Do you offer free sample?

A: Yes, free sample available

Q: What's your supply capacity each month?

A: more than 1 000 Metric tons


Q: customized product or tailormade available?

A: Yes, it is available


Q: What is your MOQ?

A:12 pcs


Q:What is the shelf life?

A:around 2 years under care

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