Cargo Protection Intermodal Shipping Desiccant

Cargo Protection Intermodal Shipping Desiccant

Cargo Protection Intermodal Shipping Desiccant:an innovative desiccant configuration to prevent condensation and "container rain" in intermodal sea and truck shipping containers. Get Free samples by contacting us.

Product Details

Ways of Intermodal Transport

More than 1 000 000 container are loaded with our desiccant strips/poles per year. 

More than 1 000 clients use our container moisture control product per year. 

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Rail container transport is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport. There is a large rail routes network between the members of the European Union and the whole world. Consequently, more and more customers are choosing to transport freight.


Today, more and more cargoes are transported in containers because it is convenient, standardized and safe. It is safe for the cargo itself, because the goods are protected against damage and theft. Every container has separate and safe seals, which are cut off only when the target is reached.


Containers are convenient for storing, loading and transporting. Container cargoes are adapted for intermodal transportation by the most popular modes of transport: dredges – trucks, container semitrailers, ships, air and rail – container trains. All of this contributes to the benefits of shipping containers – secured cargo protection, significantly reduced transportation and storage costs, and fairly accurate delivery times.


To eliminate mould, corrosion, mildew, spoilage, warping, and other harmful effects of moisture,shipments via container, rail, barge, truck or in storage.


Chunwang Container desiccant is a line of specially designed cargo desiccants aimed at protecting cargo during shipment by aggressively absorbing moisture from the air. Prevent container rain, cargo sweat 

Advantages of using 

1. Absorbs up to 150 % to 200 % + of its own weight depending on mix and Packaging.

2. Once moisture has been absorbed by container desiccant it cannot evaporate and return into the environment. Container desiccant absorbs moisture and means of an irreversible chemical reaction.

3. Broad application temperature range from

4. Non Toxic and DMF free.

5. Ship goods without the threat of "Container Rain"

6. Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust

7. Provides 50+ days of moisture protection.

8. Environmentally safe and can be disposed of as normal waste.

Hook design

1)active mineral desiccant: special hook design, hanging wall hanging freely, hook maximum load 4.5kg;

2)Fiber desiccant: also has a hook, is a portable long strip, in addition to hanging wall ceiling, but also can be embedded in the groove of the container 

Double - packaging materials

1)active mineral desiccant: the inner layer uses Tyvek, blocking reverse osmosis, prevent dust; the outer layer of non-woven fabric, reinforced strength

2)fiber desiccant: DuPont non-woven fabric, good permeability, strong fastness

Folding design

The characteristics of this specification only for FB-3000, in the transport container, the plate type fiber desiccant fully launched, flat on top of goods. General shipping conditions, a 20 'container in the use of 1 sets of -2 group of fiber desiccant. Specific proposals and the use of the company's sales department contact.

DMF Free Chunwang Container Desiccant


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