Container Desiccant Pack Of Calcium Chloride

Container Desiccant Pack Of Calcium Chloride

The desiccant dehumidifier The solution is to create a dry environment inside the container by removing moisture from the air as it forms. Containers Direct are now selling the Aquadry absorption pole as a method of dealing with condensation rapidly and effectively. Aquadry is a simple and low cost way to bust condensation. It comes in the form of a solid plastic container filled with the desiccant Calcium Chloride, which is non toxic and highly absorbent.

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- Container Desiccant Pack of Calcium Chloride is a calcium chloride/starch desiccant which can absorb up to 3 times its weight in moisture. After being absorbed, the water vapor and the desiccant combine to form a no-spill gel, preventing water from escaping the tear-resistant Tyvek bag. Container Dri II Plus is a large bag configuration with a strap and carabiner that can be hung inside shipping containers, barges, and rail cars. 

- Calcium chloride desiccant has the high abrobing capacity, the absorption capacity can lasting for 60 days, the moisture rate up to its own weight 300%. It will change into gel directly after adsorbing the moisture. Insured that the safe storage and transporting of the products. And non-toxic, odorless and tastless, non-corrosiveness, green initiative, can be used in foodstuff, harmless to human body.

- Turn into gel after absorbed moisture, water trapped into desiccant bag without leaking out. Held the moisture in the desiccant bag and low down the relative humidity effectively of the sealed package. Printing on the surface can be customized.

- Keeping the diverse requirements of customers in mind, we are instrumental in providing Container Desiccant Pack Of Calcium Chloride. We will always be your most trustworthy partner before sales, during sales and after sales. We believe that you will like our product, you can buy with confidence.

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1kg Super Dry Ocean Container Desiccant for Cargo Protection

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