Desiccant Bags For Container

Desiccant Bags For Container

125g desiccant bags with adhesive backing are specially designed for container shipment, boxes on pallet, machinery, etc. Its feature is high absorption capacity and easy installation.

Product Details

125g sachet with strong adhesive backing surface:

Moisture damage

Lead to deterioration of food and medicine (food and drug industry)

Lead to clothing, textile products moldy (clothing and textile industry)

Lead to wood, leather moldy) (furniture industry)

Lead to electrical shorts in electronic devices (electronics industry)

Lead to aging of hardware products, apparel (hardware industry)

Lead to deliquescence of chemical products, agglomeration (chemical industry)

Causes deformation of the package, moldy..

Moisture solution

Desiccant, drying agent is one of the way to prevent moisture inside package or during shipment, storage. Its advantage is low cost and good efficiency. 

Available option: silica gel, calcium chloride, clay based desiccant sachets, bags depend on different packaging needs.


High absorption above 300%, certified by SGS

No leakage, tested by CW lab

Strong adhesive backing ensure sachets not dorpping off during long term transportation

Product Description

Ingredient:           Powder calcium chloride+starch

Packing material: Tyvek+adhesive backing 

Dimension:          15*16.5cm 

Package:              5pcs/box, 150pcs/box 

Desiccant Bags for Container


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