Desiccant For Coffee Beans

Desiccant For Coffee Beans

High efficient desiccant protect the coffee beans against moisture. Super dry packet is the mostly used inside container loaded with coffee beans. Super safe, low cost.Professional advice,easy operation.

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Shipment & Storage of Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are sensitive to moisture and are usually shipped in woven bags made from natural fibre which allows free circulation of air. 

Their smooth surface tends to make them slip in the stack and although they are more resistant to light external wetting, they do absorb heavy moisture, thus allowing the water to penetrate to the centre of the coffee, whereas the fibre bags tend to hold water at the surface, thus confining damage to the outer layer of beans.

Water damage

external staining with associated mould damage, discolouration or bleaching of the beans under the area of the stain. 

a heavy wet damage at the time of loading or excessive sweat damage due to condensation in the hold at the early stages of a long voyage. 

Coffee Beans Moisture Prevention

Desiccant for Coffee Beans

Moisture Prevention for Coffee Beans:

Desiccant is the only effective and economic solution to prevent moisture regain, and to ensure proper drying. Controlled RH and temperature in storage areas keep the microbial growth dormant while dry air surrounding processing and packaging machinery enable free and easy movement of product. Also conditioned RH and temperature reduces the risk of over/ under drying of product.

Desiccant for Coffee

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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