Desiccant For Shipping Furniture

Desiccant For Shipping Furniture

Especially useful for items of furniture, textiles, rattan, bamboo, ceramics, agricultural products, coffee, cocoa, pepper, cashew, leather products .... export to the countries in Europe, America ...

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Moisture Content of Wood Objects

Based on common guidelines or recommendations, the acceptablemoisture level for wood objects used

indoors is generally 6% to 8% for wood flooring, 6% to 9% furniture, and 9% to 14% for construction. 

Condensation While Storing Furniture in a Shipping Container

Hot days and cool nights can mean that the temperature shifts will cause moisture to build up inside of the shipping container, and if you’re storing wooden furniture of any type this can cause problems.

If you’re storing mattresses be sure and use mattress bags. They will help to keep the mattresses clean and dry.

Simple ways to prevent moisture to build up inside of a container

  • dump a bag of cat litter into an old bucket.

  • manage moisture is to add shipping container vents into the container. Whirly bird vents are good, but in windy and rainy storms some rain may end up inside of the container. 

  • put CHUNWANG HIGH EFFICIENT desiccant into container 

CHUNWANG desiccnt are 

- Completely Leak proof

- Does not obstruct loading space

- Easy and safe to handle

- Cost effective

- Environment neutral (non-toxic)

- Easily Disposable

- The cheapest insurance in the world against humidity damage

Secco desiccants available dimensions and weight as 5grs, 10grs, 100grs, 1000grs, 2000grs, size can be customized according to your requirements using.

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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