Desiccant For Storage Container

Desiccant For Storage Container

Desiccant for Storage Container can prevent moisture damage inside container. Extend shelf life of containers.If you would like to try, please contact us directly.

Product Details

Storage container use desiccant to extend shelf life, or protect the cargo. 

In the process of transportation, the water vapor will condense due to the change of temperature and humidity. The use of container desiccant can reduce the dew point and control the condensation of the container, so that the goods are protected from infringement. The container desiccant can maintain a dry appearance without any pollution after being absorbed by water, and is a green and environmentally-friendly moisture-proof product.

The container side wall is hung with high moisture absorption desiccant (1000g), and the top of the container is high moisture absorption desiccant (1400g). It is suitable for: containerized products are directly stacked in containers, or the loading is relatively full, the two sides are close to the container wall, only the top has a gap. And provide professional moisture-proof solutions for customers' product packaging characteristics, completely solving the problem of moisture and mildew caused by shipping cargo transportation and storage process. .

Container Wall Desiccant

The Reason for Mold Prevention

During the daytime, the temperature inside the box is very high (40°C-70°C), the humidity is at a moderate level (RH 65%); 

at night, the temperature is relatively large (20°C-30°C), then the relative humidity will be Reaching  RH 100%,

Source of Moisture

A. The high temperature and humidity area of most sea areas where the loading place or cargo ship passes.

B. Use more water-containing materials such as cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, and wooden card boards as transportation packaging materials.

C. The loaded cargo itself contains more water, which is easy to release moisture in the container and increase the humidity inside the container.


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