Dry Air Container Desiccant Gel

Dry Air Container Desiccant Gel

These are High profile desiccant with Tyvek DuPont packing, for high absorption capacity for Food products as well as consumable products which are edible.

Product Details

In such Extreme conditions, Container Dry Desiccants provides protection against the following:-


Container Rains

Moisture Problems

Bad Odor or Bad smell

Dewdrops Problem

Corrugated Box getting Pale and wet

Extraction of Box Labels

Getting contaminated and germicides

Dry gel packs protect against reasons for condensation like the hygroscopic property of the stuffed goods, climatic changes during transport, temperature variations, rainwater leakage and moisture content of dunnage and pallets, etc.

The desiccant bags filled with tear-resistant calcium chloride absorb moisture from the air and bind it in the bag. The moisture bound by the calcium chloride becomes a solid gel and can easily be recycled to the waste after transport. The Absorgel Pouch-D desiccant bags protect your goods in boxes, suitcases, boxes and other individual packaging.


Easy to use

Double-layered outer shell prevents tearing of the bag

Absorbs 8 times more moisture than conventional desiccant

Absorption capacity up to 200%

DMF-free - ROHS compliant

Scope of delivery: 5 desiccant bags with 50 g each (shrink-wrapped)

Areas of application:

Furniture and craft products




Machine parts and mechanical systems

Photographic equipment

Quantity Units 

The quantity required depends on various factors such as the duration of transport, the climatic conditions, the size of the packaging, the packaging material used, etc. When choosing the appropriate units, please note whether the product is still stored at the destination. 


The Absorgel is intended for single use and can be disposed of as normal waste. The desiccant bags are made of non-toxic recyclable materials.

Container Desiccant Specification

Container Desiccant Absorption

Container Desiccant Data Sheet

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