Dry Bag Desiccant

Dry Bag Desiccant

Dry Bag Desiccant 1 kilo for shipping is used to protect the goods against moisture damage during shipment and storage.

Product Details

Dry Bag Desiccant

Chunwang Desiccant

Product LineCalcium Chloride Desiccant, Container Desiccant,Silica Desiccant, Activated Cabon,Clay Desiccant, Montmorillonite Desiccant,Pharmaceutical Desiccant,Oxygen Absorber 
 ApplicationTextile,Leather, Woodworks,Food,Medicine,Electronics,instuments,Plastic and Rubber,metal products,agriculture goods,etc,
 Experience  17 years' mature production crafts and skill.
Certificate and Report  ISO9001,ISO14001,ROHS,MSDS,SGS,BSCI,DMF-free.

  DHL,SANYO,ZTE,Emerson,Coach,Intertec,Hello Kitty,Toshiba,etc 


1. Ocean, truck, rail & shipping containers
2. Protection of textiles, leather goods, shows, furniture, food products, grains, feeds, pet food, canned goods     and bottled products
3. Protection of industrial products such as auto parts, machinery, metal products, paper and cardboard boxes
4. Ideal for boats & TV’s as well as long term storage applications.

During transit of cargo,  as the temperature inside the container will rise and fall betwwen day and night, the relative humidity inside the container also fluctuate, leading to container rain and cargo sweat.

•Desiccant Manufacture for 20 years

•Reduces or eliminates “Container Rain during shipping

•Inhibits the formation of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion

•Absorbs up to 250% of its weight

•Can provide 60+ days of moisture protection

Dry Bag desiccant- Desiccant for Cargo Containers -- Preventing moisture damage in cargo containers

1.superdesiccant pole are  750g or 1000g calcium chloride desiccant unit contained in a rigid cardboard outer casing with a plastic hook attached.

2.The rigid cardboard outer casing makes this desiccant easy to handle and position inside a cargo container.

3.The hook can be attached on the vertical or horizontal side.

4.Holes in the outer casing allow the air to enter the inner bag, which is made of a spun bound, one-way, tyvek material. When moisture enters the calcium chloride desiccant it is turned to a gel and locked inside. This guarantees no leaks of the collected moisture, even with rough handling. 

Moisture Damage

DMF Free Super Dry Bag Desiccant for Shipping Container

Container Moisture Absorber


Q: What's the payment term?

A: Support all payment,L/C,TT, West Union,D/A,D/P, ,Money Gram,Paypal.

Q: What's the lead time?

A: 5 working days after payment confrimed( regular product)

Q: Do you offer free sample?

A: Yes, free sample available

Q: What's your supply capacity each month?

A: more than 1 000 Metric tons


Q: customized product or tailormade available?

A: Yes, it is available


Q: What is your MOQ?

A: according to different model,1000-100000pcs


Q:Why we need desiccant?

A:Desiccant,humdity absorber, dehumidifier bag is to absorb moisture in some certain storage environment.eg, desiccant could function to absorbing the mositure inside the food package, then the food will not suffer from mositure damage. it leads to food in perfect condition.


Q:How about the dosage?

A:Depend on prodcut type, package size, packing material, relative humidity.


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