Moisture Prevention For Container Condensation

Moisture Prevention For Container Condensation

Moisture Prevention for Container Condensation is the material composed of calcium chloride starch to protect the goods against moisture damage.

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Moisture Prevention for Container Condensation

What problems can condensation cause?

  1. Metal damage

  2. Masonry damage

  3. Wood damage

  4. Coating and adhesive damage

  5. Equipment damage

  6. Material staining

  7. Slip hazards

  8. Health concerns

Recommended approaches to shipping container condensation

  • Concealed condensation: When condensation does occur, try to keep it from being concealed condensation.  We don’t want humid air entering the wall space, whether humid air from outside, or from inside, depending on where you live and the season.  You want to keep the wall/ceiling cavity airtight so any warm humid air that enters the envelope does so into the interior space and causes only visible condensation.

  • Preventing diffusion into wall and ceiling cavities

  • Preventing infiltration into walls by being careful when installing wiring, plumbing, windows, doors etc. and sealing around wall penetrations well

  • Using insulation that is resistant to moisture movement and impregnation

  • Visible condensation: If visible condensation persists, you can wipe it off with a towel, but if it returns, you really need to figure out why and how you can fix it.

  • Dewpoint temperature: Ultimately, condensation of any type can only form if you have surfaces in the building envelope that are below the dewpoint temperature.   The AC should quickly lower the RH and the visible condensation will evaporate.  It’s a little confusing because insulation is also needed for temperature control.

Why Container must use Chunwang desiccant dry pole?

During ocean transport, passing through different climate zones, and day to night temperature fluctuation, when air warms up, the water vapour content increase which produces condensation when the air cools down again. The fact is that warm air is cooled, it becomes more humid, and if it is cooled enough, some of the moisture may rain out and condense directly on your shipping product.



The condesation is a disaster for all kinds of cargos. Such as container rain drip down onto the cargos outer package and cause damage, resulting peeling label, changing its color and generally looking unattractive. the condenses directly on the polybag, say on the inside of the products package wrap, which is usually even more damaging. The salt water will change cargos’s quality and stability become useless.

Desiccant material

compound calcium chloride desiccant material
Packing materialcompound non woven fabric(Spunlace non woven), PE bag (outside);
Size220cm (L) *17.0cm (W)*1.5cm (H)
N. W1400g; G. W: 1450g
Function time:  1-2 months (according to season, weather, sea route and cargo);
Storage place in dry, normal condition, keep sealed for 3years;
Place of originShenzhen China
Packaging100g/bag, 14bags/string, 1.4kg/string

Using qty:

20’ft: 4-6strings; (depend on cargo material and sea route)

40’ft: 10-14strings;(double)

Moisture Prevention for Container Condensation

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