Eco-friendly Silica Gel Desiccant DMF Free

Eco-friendly Silica Gel Desiccant DMF Free Product Description 1. Fast and extra absorbent silica gel. 2. Provides superior adsorption. Silica gel can absorb approximately 40% of its weight. 3. Good lock water capacity, it won't be leaking after absorbing. Remains dry at maximum 4. It's...

Product Details

Eco-friendly Silica Gel Desiccant DMF Free



Product Description

1. Fast and extra absorbent silica gel.


2. Provides superior adsorption. Silica gel can absorb approximately 40% of its weight.

3. Good lock water capacity, it won't be leaking after absorbing. Remains dry at maximum 


4. It's non-toxic enough to meet FDA specifications for food and drug products.


5. Absorb mositure, keep the superfood fresh and tasty, extend shelf life of the products.


 Product  Name Superfood nutrient powder contains moisture absorbing desiccant pack
 Raw Material

 1-3mm  2-4mm silica gel beads

 (if necessary, we can offer you indicating silica gel beads, like orange or blue silica gel beads)


 0.5gram, 1gram, 2 gram, 3gram, 4gram, 5gram, 6gram, 8gram, 10gram, 15gram,

20gram, 25gram, 30gram, 50gram, 100gram, 120gram, 200gram, 300 gram, 500 gram, 1000 gram, etc. (OEM service is welcome)

 Packaging  material Composite paper, Cotton paper, Non woven paper, Aiwa paper, Tyvek paper, filter paper, etc.
 Packaging Type Back seal, Three sides seal, Four sides seal, Eyemark can be printed. Continuous strip is available
 Function Moisture absorption, humidity remove, shelf life extension. 
 Usage Shoes, Electronics, Instruments, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Health supplements, Garment, Leather, etc.
 Shelf life At least 2 years
 Feature Non-toxic, eco-friendly, DMF free, FDA approval, MSDS available
 Storage Kept in a cool, dry place. Make it sealed after using
Product sample photo:
Silica gel 2

1. Packaging of electronic components

2. Instruments & Equipment Computers

3. Garments, shoes, caps, toys, bags

4. Aerospace

5. Food and Pharmaceuticals

6. Wood-works, furniture and so on

Production process

 Raw Material Sourcing:

It all starts from the moment the raw material silica gel beads and packaging material paper arrive at our facility. From then on we test, measure and weight every step of the way keeping precise records throughout the entire process. To ensure it's completely original material, not recyclable inferior-quanlity product. 
Only meet our quality standard can the silica gel raw material and packaing paper into our warehouse.
Many supplier selling silica gel desiccant deliberately mislead consumers by marketing their silica gel as a FDA approved raw material to contact with food and pharma.
They leave out the fact that the factory don't have the required clean room facility nor the processes involved to ensure production and packaging is of the required standards for food grade and pharma grade is met.

Our highly experienced staff use our advanced equipments to conduct strict production progress in our clean workshop, ensuring our prodcuct is under qualified quality control.








Quality control:
During prodution, we must ensure there's more than one QC supervisor to record all the actions conducted by workers. And point out any non-conformant manner or inferior products.
And if there's any non-conformant during production progress, it will be published in time. We believe, only in a good manner can we produce the best prodcut.
Company Information


1. Established in 1998, 17 years' rich experience in the desiccant market, one of the leading manufacturer of absorption products.


2.Product: Silica gel bagSilica gel canisterContainer desiccant


               Moisture absorber boxOxygen absorberAir freshner, etc.


3. Successfully become public company in 2015.




Our Services

  Q: Why use desiccant? 
A:  Moisture and oxygen can affect the chemical or physical stability of many products.  So, the desiccant is used for absorbing the moisture in the sealed environment to ensure the quality of products and extend their shelf life.


Q: How can you ensure the quality.

A: We source the excellent Type A silica gel baeds as our raw material, making it has good performance in absorbing moisture. All of our products are under supervisored by our QC department, avoiding the inferior products to enter into market.


Q: Is it safe for food or pharmaceutical packaging?

A:  Silica gel is the only material that can contact with the food and pharmaceuticals directly by FDA approval.

Besides, our food or pharmaceutical silica gel desiccant are made of excellent type A silica gel beads, produced in 100000 class clean room, refined by ultraviolate sterilization.


Q: Can I cuostomized my own logo? Do you offer OEM service?

A: Of course you can, we'd be very delighted to be your partner.



Q: Can we visit the factory?

A: That's welcome, it will be our honor to have a such sincere guest.


Q: How do you ensure the delivery time ?

A: We have build dozens of product lines, enough qualified workers, and if necessary, we can offer work shifts. At the same time, we have many logistic partners, who can delivery our products to you all over the world in time. 

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Raw material:1-3mm type a white silica gel beads Dosage reference:1.67g-2g/L Packaging Type:Back seal, Three sides seal, Four sides seal, Eyemark can be printed Shelf life:2years Use:toy clothes shoes food electronics leathers medicine handbags hats and so on


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