0.5 Gram Pharma Desiccants

0.5 Gram Pharma Desiccants

Medicines, foods, dietary supplement can be easily decomposed or dissolved, distributing odors, what’s worse, the efficacy of the pharmaceuticals get reduced. Chunwang Pharmaceutical desiccant was special designed for medicines, foods, dietary supplements and other product use desiccant.

Product Details

0.5 Gram Pharma Desiccants Details:

MF: SiO2

Material: Type A silica Gel beads

Purity: 99.6%

Moisture Absorption: 30%-40%

Weight: 0.5g

Packing Material: Tyvek paper, Aiwai paper


Drugs, foods, and dietary supplements are easily broken down or dissolved, emitting odors, and worse, the efficacy of the drug is reduced. Many pharmaceutical companies use desiccants to prevent moisture from damaging the performance of the drug, thereby extending the shelf life and effectiveness of vitamins, pills and other medical or nutraceuticals. Chunwang medicinal esiccant is designed for the use of desiccants for pharmaceuticals, foods, dietary supplements and other products.


1. It is made of tyvek or Chunwang Aiwa paper (transparent), in line with Chinese pharmaceutical standard YBB00122005, American Standard DMF.

2. Pharmaceutical grade A level grade silica gel and packaging materials, good quality and high hygroscopicity.

3. It is made of ultraviolet sterilization and is divided into processes such as dust-free workshops.

4. Pillow seal package technology, stable and refined.

5. Compliance with FDA, GMP.


Widely used in foods, medicines, capsule, chewing gum, tablets, dietary supplements, candy, cookies and other products.


Product Name




0.5 g pharma desiccants

1/2 gram


5000pcs/bag, 3bags/ctn

The desiccant is the water vapor that absorbs and retains the material. The desiccant reduces the water vapor in the air and prevents unnecessary damage to the drug. The finished drug is highly dependent on the protective desiccant provided, as moisture is one of the most destructive ingredients for pharmaceuticals.

Moisture may have the following negative effects on drugs

* Active degradation

* Reduce drug effectiveness

* Reduce tablet hardness

* Produce an unpleasant smell

*Mold growth

As all pharmaceutical materials, our desiccants are strictly required for quality assurance and performance standards.

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