Continuous Pack Pharmaceutical Desiccant

Continuous Pack Pharmaceutical Desiccant

Continuous pack pharmaceutical desiccant was special designed for medicines, foods, dietary supplements and other product use desiccant.
It is made of Tyvek , transparent Aiwa paper or Semi-transparent OPP paper , comply with China Chemical Standards HG/T2765-2005.

Product Details

Continuous Pack Pharmaceutical Desiccant Details:

MF: SiO2

Type: adsorbent

Raw material: Silica gel

Bulk density: 750

Moisture absorption: 30%

Purity: 99.6%

A desiccant is a substance that can remove moisture from a moist material, and combines with water to form a hydrate, which can reduce the humidity in the drug packaging container and maintain the product for a certain period of time within a predetermined period of time.

Drugs, foods, and dietary supplements are easily broken down or dissolved, emitting odors, and worse, the efficacy of the drug is reduced.


- Continuously packaged drug desiccants are specially designed for the use of desiccants for pharmaceuticals, foods, dietary supplements and other products.

- Made of Tyvek, transparent Aihua paper or translucent OPP paper, in line with Chinese chemical standard HG / T2765-2005.

- Pharmaceutical grade A silica gel and packaging materials, refined by UV sterilization, and packaged in dust-free workshops and other processes.

- Pillow sealed bag technology, stable and refined.

- All drug desiccant packs are injured on the spool. It looks more refined.

- The drying bag is packaged in an attractive electronic sensor for easy machine cutting.

- Packing: draw in a sturdy plastic bag and place in a solid cardboard box.


High adsorption rate

Cost effective to protect drugs from moisture

Colorless and odorless will not contaminate drugs

Extend the expiration date of the drug

Safety and environmental protection




0.5 gram

20*36 mm


1 gram

20*40 mm


2 gram

20*55 mm



Heavy metals and residual solvents

Inspection items


Test Results

Standard YBB00122005



not detected




Solvent  residues

Total amount of solvent residue should not exceed 10mg / m2. Among them, Benzene should not exceed 3.0mg / m2, (Mainly residual solvent are TOL, P Xylene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, butanone, isopropanol, etc.)

Total amount of solvent residue:not detected

Benzene solvent residue:not detected


widely used in food, medicine, capsule, chewing gum, tablets, health care, nutrition, infant supplements, candy, cookies, chocolates and other products.

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