Application of Desiccant in Moisture Resistance of Aluminum Foil

- Sep 18, 2019-

Aluminum foil is cheap, durable, lightweight, non-toxic and oil resistant. In addition, aluminum foil can block many chemicals, bacteria, moisture and gas, and has good electromagnetic properties and non-magnetic barrier effect, so thin aluminum foil below seven microns is becoming more and more popular in the soft pack industry, especially in food packaging. field. However, aluminum foil coils, because of their too much moisture, are easily oxidized (white spots) during storage and transportation. Therefore, it is extremely important for moisture-proof measures of aluminum coils. Chunwang has rich experience in solving aluminum moisture-proof. We have reached a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with many well-known domestic aluminum products companies such as Haotong. Our silica gel desiccant has high moisture absorption rate (>30%), safe, chemically stable, and will not have corrosion and other negative effects when in contact with aluminum. Medical grade leak-proof O-cloth packaging, unique pressure-sealing edge-sealing technology, firm, no break, no ash.


So how to prevent the aluminum foil from being moldy in transit? The well-known aluminum products manufacturer Hunan Yutong Technology Group Co., Ltd. has used Chunwang montmorillonite desiccant for many years.

desiccant inside box

It is recommended to use silica gel desiccant or mineral desiccant for moisture-proof aluminum foil. It is not possible to use calcium chloride desiccant or calcium-added live ore desiccant. It is recommended to use Chunwang's “O cloth” type silicone desiccant. “O cloth” has good gas permeability and excellent leakproof performance. If the desiccant leaks, it may cause indentation on the aluminum foil. Become a waste)

clay desiccant

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