Can desiccant packs be reused

- Apr 01, 2019-

Desiccants are still common in life. Whether it is any product, especially a bag-packed product, there will be a desiccant, which is a product to prevent moisture from being affected by the product. Can the desiccant be used repeatedly?

Go to the chemical store and buy some colored silica gel desiccant for indicator. Blue means dry, pink means it is full and can't continue to dry.

If you are using a silica gel desiccant, it can be reused. After being filled with water, put it in a dry box and bake it for a while and then continue to use it. Silicone can be reused, white transparent particles, this is non-toxic and tasteless, can be used twice in the sun, the theory is baked in the oven, but the oven will burn out the outer packaging

The appearance of the silica gel desiccant is colorless and transparent small particles. When it is thrown into the water, it will sizzle. It absorbs the moisture in the environment by its own porous structure and can continue to be used after drying.

The desiccant has a shelf life. Before the food and medicine are opened, there is a shelf life of about one or two years. However, once it is opened, it will continuously absorb the water after it contacts the outside air. The life expectancy is at least one or two months. If it stays for a long time. In a very humid environment, after absorbing a large amount of water, it can be put into the camera or jewelry box for secondary use. It may be counterproductive and damage valuables. The desiccant can be used twice, but it must be dried by professional equipment. Baked, but the cost is high and not worthwhile. Once the food and medicine are opened, the desiccant inside is best thrown away immediately. First, because its life expectancy is over, and second, because many desiccants are irritating, families with children should prevent children from eating.

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