Can humidity control card do the same job as liquid bag?

- Apr 04, 2019-

To avoid liquid leak out when the bag broken, we develop a humidity control card to instead of traditional liquid bag for Cigar use, it works as same as liquid bag: adjusting the humidity rate to preset values by absorb and release moisture.

Maybe someone will ask: If this new product have same function as the liquid bag? In order to prove our humidity control packet can do the same work, we do a small testing as following steps:

Step 1: Test the room temperature and humidity rate, to ensure the testing condition is the same.

Step 2: Test the environment of the seal bag.

Step 3: Put the sample(8grams, 69% humidity control packet) into the seal bag, compare their function and effect.

Step 4: Read the values of humidity measure after the values stable, we can see our humidity control packet can do the same job and more near the preset humidity values.

After two days, you can see the liquid bag still release moisture, but our humidity control packet is more stable and matain the humidity rate near the preset values.