Can you put desiccant in the export cargo carton

- Nov 06, 2017-


Desiccant can be placed in the export cargo carton.

Case 1: If the exported product is a desiccant, it is definitely necessary to declare it;

Case 2: If it is to prevent the goods from getting damp, a small amount of desiccant is not needed, but the Customs may ask, depending on the relationship between the freight forwarder and the customs you choose, and the customs clearance in foreign countries may ask. To, either check, or rely on a point relationship, at most write a situation statement, ask the foreigner, many foreigners are designated to put desiccant, then just let it go.

However, if the products in the EU are exported, the DMF inspection report must be provided when using desiccant, otherwise there is a risk of being returned.