Chunwang pharmaceutical grade silica gel desiccant

- May 05, 2019-

Chunwang have rich experience in producing the food and pharma grade silica gel desiccant, choose the fresh,high quality silica gel as raw material. It is manufactured in special clean workshop.Our packing paper is aihua paper,as its translucence feature,the ink can be printed inside and the color will no fade or fall off.It is safety to contact medicine and food product directly.We also have packing materials of tyvek paper and HDPE bottle which is strength enough and not easy to broken.

Our high quality food grade silica gel desiccant can absorb 30% or more moisture to its weight,it can keep the medicine or food product dry,extend the shelf life of medicine and food product. Chunwang offer fast delivery and well after-sales service.

If have interested in learn more details and want to purchase silica gel desiccant for your product package, welcome to contact us!

bottle use silica gel_副本.jpg食品硅胶