Container Rain Damage Cargo

- Oct 07, 2019-

Container rain is a common phenomenon. If it is not handled properly, it will cause the goods to be mildewed and the moisture will cause serious damage to the goods. How to prevent the container from moisture? And the use of dry sticks, dosage, placement techniques, etc.

The cause of container rain:

Normally, a temperature change of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius in a container can cause problems. Water vapor will condense on the surface of the coldest object, which is usually on or around the ceiling of the container (as shown below). That is, if the liquid water drops onto the goods, it will cause corrosion, mold, etc. (as shown below).


The damage of container rain

Even if there is no condensation, it will cause damage to the goods under prolonged high humidity. Many metal parts are rusted and discolored under conditions of humidity of 60% to 70%. The humidity is above 80%, the fungus grows, the label falls off, and the carton begins to soften.

Tips on using container desiccant:

1) No holes or gaps in the walls, floors, and tops.

2) The sealing of the container door is good.

3) Clean and dry the inside of the container and check the moisture content of the container floor.

1 If conditions permit, try not to use a container with a water content of more than 20%, or add a desiccant for every 1.5% increase in water content.

2 Do not use containers with a water content of more than 25%.

3 If there is a tray in the container, the water content exceeds 18%, and for each 1.5% increase in humidity, add a desiccant.

4 Use 1-2 desiccants per 6 cubic meters.