DIN55474 Standard Desiccant Means

- Jul 01, 2019-

-Standard of the German Institute of Standardization on the calculation of the number of units of desiccant in the package

German Standards Institute standard DIN55474, German original name Anwendung, Berechnung der erforderlichen Anzahi Trockenmitteleinheiten. Translation into Chinese is the calculation and application of the required number of desiccant units. The standard is based on DIN 555473 "Packaging aids - bag desiccant - technical delivery conditions", the correct use of desiccant, calculate the number of desiccant units required in a package, the application of desiccant An important guiding role.

Desiccant unit

When equilibrium is reached in air at (23 ± 2) ° C and 40% relative humidity, the specified amount of desiccant that absorbs at least 6.0 g of water vapor is a "one unit" desiccant. The number of desiccant units is the total amount of desiccant bag moisture absorption capacity.

Water vapor transmission rate

The water vapor transmission rate is the weight of water vapor permeating 1 square meter of test material after a test time of 24 hours (one day) in a static stable environment of a specified temperature condition. Note: The water vapor transmission rate is greatly affected by the thickness of the test material and its composition.

Desiccant dosage calculation formula and parameters

Calculation formula: