Drug drying agent microbiological test index standard

- Oct 11, 2017-

Microbial indicators for drug desiccant are: total bacteria, mold, yeast, Escherichia coli.

Test sample
Total number of bacteria
Total mold and yeast
Escherichia coli
Finished product
Not checked out
Incoming packaging film
Not checked out

CFU: Colony-Forming Units (CFU) refer to the total number of bacterial communities per unit volume. When the viable culture is counted, colonies formed by growing or multiplying a plurality of cells of a single cell or agglomerated colonies on a solid medium are referred to as colony forming units, and the number of viable cells is expressed by them. The colony forming unit is measured in a different way than the general counting method. Generally, counting the number of bacteria directly under the microscope will count all the living and dead bacteria, but the CFU only counts the living bacteria.