Household Moisture Absorber Box Dehumidifier Box

- Dec 30, 2019-

Moisture Absorber Box

Specification: 236g/500ml; 280g/600ml

The moisture absorber box is made with high absorption Calcium Chloride crystals granule to help absorb moisture, remove mildew and odor and prevent bacterial growth.  It is safe, economical and fashionable – an essential household product.


1. Instructions for Use

1.1 remove the lid of the product and peel off the sealed aluminum foil over under the lid;

1.2 do not broke or peel off the DuPont Tyvek which is beneath the aluminum foil cover;

1.3 recover the lid onto the box and place it on level surface in moist space, then it will begin to work automatically absorbing moisture in the air;

1.4. when the Calcium Chloride is fully absorbed moisture and it will turn out to be water, then throw it;


2. Warming

2.1 inedible and avoid contacting with eyes or skin;

2.2 keep out of reach from children;

2.3 do not broke the DuPont Tyvek or place upside down the product;

2.4 don’t place it directly on painted or varnished surfaces.

2.5 keep the product in dry and cool space if not use temporarily.