How to identify whether the silica gel desiccant is still effective?

- Jul 01, 2019-

Here are a few easy ways for your reference:

1) The silicone desiccant packaging bag is torn open, and the silica gel silica material is shaken to see if there is heat. The heat dissipation indicates that the silica gel desiccant is also effective.

2) If the blue gel or orange gel indicator is added, the indicator gel has changed color, indicating that the gel has failed.

3) A small cup of cold water, tear open the desiccant bag, pour the raw materials into the water, see if the silica gel particles will be broken into pieces, and make a "beep" sound, yes, it is effective.

4) Take a small bag of silica gel desiccant, weigh the weight, mark it, place it indoors, weigh it again every 5-10 days, see if the weight will increase, and increase it is effective.

5) If you need to understand the precise moisture absorption performance of silica gel desiccant, you need to use laboratory equipment to test