Indicating Silica Gel Used in Electronic Components

- Aug 02, 2019-

The goal of the test

The discoloration of the orange silica gel in the silica gel desiccant package was observed when different weights (2 g, 5 g) of silica gel desiccant (containing orange silica gel) and electronic components were used in vacuum packaging.


Content: Type A silica gel + orange silica gel

Desiccant packing material: wax paper

Vacuum bag: nylon bag

Poduct specifications: 2g, 5g

Test method

2g and 5g desiccant samples containing orange silica gel were prepared separately, and the samples and electronic components were vacuum-packed in a vacuum packaging bag, and the discoloration state of the orange silica gel in the desiccant was periodically observed.

Test photos

Test : 5g silica gel desiccant use inside the bag 



Test conclusion:

The 5g desiccant has changed color on day 29 and is yellow-green. It lasts until the 45th day and remains yellow-green and does not become the final color (ink green). It is proved that the silica gel desiccant has not completely failed.

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