New wrapping paper for desiccant or deoxidizer

- May 23, 2016-

With the protection and use of food, medical precision instruments, etc., the use of bagged or bulk desiccants or deoxidizers is essential. However, conventional bagged or bulk desiccants or deoxidizers have been greatly inconvenient in terms of manufacturing process or performance.

In recent years, the heat-sealing desiccant and other papers developed by Hangzhou Xinhua Paper Mill for heat-sealing automatic packaging machines have filled the blank of domestic desiccant or oxygen scavenger packaging paper. Such papers have been mass-produced and put on the market, which has been well received by users. Due to the production of such paper, the cumbersome use of desiccant or occluder in the past has been greatly simplified. In the past, such packaging paper was produced by using a stronger printing paper as the base paper, and the inner layer was coated with plastic. Then use a laser or an electric spark to make micropores on the plastic layer. This

In this way, not only the production cycle is long, the efficiency is low, the cost is high, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. The desiccant or deoxidizer packaging paper developed by Xinhua Paper Mill not only overcomes this shortcoming, but also imparts a variety of properties that can be packaged on a heat-sealing type automatic packaging machine and can satisfy the use of a desiccant or a deoxidizer.

1. This kind of paper is made of special plant long fiber and chemical fiber as raw materials, adding various chemical additives, and special long-fiber thin-sheet paper which is made on the long-circle net composite paper machine, and then subjected to high-temperature heat treatment. The paper thus copied has not only a higher dry strength but also a higher wet strength.

2. This type of paper has high air permeability. According to the desiccant or deoxidizer particle size, and the different specifications of the package, it can produce packaging paper of different performance or specifications, and make the desiccant or deoxidizer in packaging or use. Do not leak.

3. Since the chemical fiber raw material is blended at the time of papermaking, the paper has good thermal adhesiveness, and therefore, the paper is suitable for packaging and sealing by a heat sealing type packaging machine.

4. After the heat treatment of the paper, the paper is also given a certain water resistance. Therefore, the type, specification and description of the desiccant or deoxidizer can be printed on the surface of the paper.

5. This paper has no odor, has been quarantined by the health and epidemic prevention department, meets the requirements of the People's Republic of China food packaging paper hygiene standards, and is fully applicable to packaging desiccant or deoxidizer paper for food and pharmaceutical industries.

The new packaging paper of such desiccant or deoxidizer not only has good use value, but also has high economic value. The desiccant or deoxidizer can not only prevent loss, pollution of food and medicine, precision instruments, etc. after being packaged. It can be reused with desiccant or deoxidizer without damage. If a 50 x 50 mm bag of desiccant or deoxidizer is packaged, the cost of the paper is only 3-5 PCT.

This new type of desiccant or deoxidizer wrapper not only fills the domestic gap, but also has great development prospects. For example, such paper can replace some of the thin and expensive nonwoven fabrics. It can be made into a variety of wiping papers, and it can also be used as a filter paper in food, medicine, home appliances, etc.