Storage Condition For Different Product

- Jul 24, 2019-

Since the moisture-proof requirements of industrial products are usually strict, strict moisture-proof measures are often taken from the production and storage of products. The general moisture-proof measures are mainly environmental moisture-proof and packaging moisture-proof.

Environmental moisture protection: mainly refers to the humidity control of fixed places such as production workshops, warehouses, production transfer links, etc. The environmental moisture protection mainly uses industrial dehumidifiers combined with temperature and humidity monitoring system to control the environmental humidity. The electronic moisture-proof cabinet is mainly used for the production turnover and short-term of small parts. Store.

Packaging moisture-proof: mainly refers to the completion of production, entering the stage of packaging for sale, until the storage and transportation process of this stage before the opening of the package is put into use, this stage may have to go through months and ten months or even longer, in order to ensure For dry and safe storage of the product for such a long period of time, it is necessary to take appropriate moisture-proof measures. The moisture-proof packaging is usually used with a desiccant for packaging and a moisture-proof packaging bag.

Industry temperature humidity

Powder drying 54-71°C 20%RH

Antibiotic packaging 26-28°C 5-15%RH

Biological culture room 27°C 35% RH

Paper processing 27°C 20%RH

Paper, paper or fiber model 27°C 20%RH

Color printing 24-27 ° C

Precision machinery and watch combination 24-27°C 35-40%RH

Sugar storage 27°C 35% RH

Biscuits, shortbread package 16-18°C 50%RH

Potato chips 24-27°C 20%RH

Covered Chocolate 32°C 13%RH

Coffee powder packaging 27°C 20%RH

Chewing gum manufacturing 25°C 33%RH

Shell dried fruit storage 16°C 13%RH

Phototube vacuum tube assembly 40% RH

Transformer manufacturing 50%%H

Electrical appliances (sealing) 15% RH

Precision Instrument Manufacturing 40-45%RH

Meter calibration manufacturing 60-63% RH

Insulating paper storage 50% RH

Fluorescent lamp rectifier manufacturing 20-40% RH

NFB switch test 30-60% RH

High-voltage wire and cable manufacturing 10%RH

Special battery manufacturing 2% RH or less

Lithium battery manufacturing 1% RH or less

Arms ammunition storage 10-50% RH