The eleventh nut roasted seeds and nuts opening ceremony

- Feb 15, 2016-

This year is the eleventh nut roasted seeds and nuts exhibition. At present, China has become the world's largest consumer of nuts and nuts, and is also the fastest growing country in the global nut roasted and roasted goods industry. Sales revenue increased by 10 times from 2005 to 2017, ranking first among the total retail sales of snack foods in the country for many years.


At the same time as the industry has achieved unprecedented sustained and rapid development, a number of industrial groups have been formed, such as Anhui cooked sunflower seeds, Lanzhou cooked watermelon seeds, Zhejiang pecans, Shandong peanut products, Shanxi walnuts, Northeast white melon seeds, Chunwang nuts. Industrial groups such as desiccant and food desiccant. On the basis of the industrial cluster, a large number of well-known and loved consumers such as Qiaqia, Alishan, Dahaoda, Zhenxin, Hengkang, Jinge, Huiji, Laiyi, Liangpin, and three squirrels have been formed. Brand.

China Nut Roasted Foods and Raw Materials Ingredients, Food Desiccant, Equipment Packaging Exhibition (referred to as China Nut Roasted Goods Exhibition) sponsored by China National Food Industry Association Nut Roasting and Roasting Professional Committee (referred to as National Nut Roasting and Roasting Professional Committee), and various items held during the exhibition The event is scheduled to be held in Hefei, Anhui Province from April 13 to 16, 2017. Leading enterprises, industries, raw materials, processing, equipment, additives, desiccant distributors, etc. in more than 300 nut roasted seeds and nuts industry in 21 provinces and cities nationwide and in the United States, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. The association, as well as consumer representatives and media representatives from all over the country, are expected to have more than 40,000 visitors to visit the exhibition and participate in various professional activities during the exhibition. The number of exhibitors and visitors has reached a record high.

In order to adapt to the Chinese nut roasted seeds and nuts industry, the demand for sustainable development under the new situation, the National Nut Roasting and Roasting Professional Committee has held the China Nut roasted seeds and nuts food exhibition in Hefei for 12 consecutive years, as well as the national nut roasted seeds and nuts industry annual meeting, new technology, new equipment, new Technology, new product promotion meeting, raw materials and excellent breeding, scientific planting exchange meeting, etc., to expand international exchanges for nuts and roasted seeds and nuts enterprises, provide a resource platform for innovative thinking, and inject new impetus into the development of the industry. After 12 years of solidarity in the whole industry, dedicated efforts and meticulous creation, the exhibition and annual conference have developed into a global peer, the most popular, the most influential, the largest, the most informative and the most authoritative global. Sexual nut roasted seeds and nuts industry full industry chain event.

The main activities set during the China Nut Roasted Goods Exhibition are:

First, the eleventh nut roasted seeds and nuts new products, new equipment (packaging), new technologies, new additives, new food desiccants, ingredients and other new product promotion conference (April 13th all day);

Second, the nut domestic planting information exchange technology seminar (April 13 afternoon);

Third, the 2017 National Nuts and Roasts Industry Annual Meeting (late April 13).

Fourth, 2017 '11th China Nut Roasted Foods and Food Ingredients, Equipment, Packaging Exhibition (April 14-16 for a total of three days).

It was learned from the organizers that this year's annual meeting will be more extensive and broad. In addition to authoritatively releasing the economic operation of the 2016 national nut roasted seeds and nuts industry and commending the enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry in 2016, the Chinese nut seed industry will be established. Development Alliance Sunflower Alliance and Peanut Alliance.

In order to adapt to the development needs of the whole industry in the new economy, the new normal and the new mode, this year's nut roasted seeds and nuts show has undergone major reforms. The exhibition and various activities are closer to the market and closer to the needs of enterprises. This exhibition mainly has the following new features:

First, the scale of the exhibition continued to expand, and it is committed to building a global trading platform for the whole industry chain of China's nut roasted seeds and nuts industry with the largest amount of information, trade volume and most authority. The exhibition hall of 20,000 square meters has six exhibition areas: Chinese nut roasted seeds and nuts, special new food exhibition area, international exhibition area, e-commerce exhibition area, raw materials, ingredients exhibition area, packaging material exhibition area, mechanical equipment exhibition area, and hundreds of domestic and foreign largest. Upstream growers, raw materials suppliers; various processing enterprises in the middle reaches; downstream distributors and leading enterprises such as e-commerce. The area of the famous special exhibition area has been expanded to 1500 square meters, which shows the latest products, packaging and the highest processing level of the nut roasted and roasted food industry in China. The packaging material exhibition area and mechanical equipment exhibition area fully advocate green environmental protection, energy saving and safety equipment and packaging. To protect and upgrade the equipment and industrial processing level of the whole industry. It is expected that the number of exhibitors, visitors and turnover will be greatly improved compared with previous years.

The second is the exhibition of the famous special foods in this exhibition. It highlights the dietary concept of 'every nutty seeds every day is healthy', and promotes the nutrition and health knowledge of nuts and seeds to the whole society, providing consumers with all-round and many The healthy consumption experience of the layer and colorful nut seed foods guides the whole people to establish a scientific dietary structure, so that the healthy food of nuts and melons truly benefits the people.

Third, the first time this exhibition used WeChat scan code reporting. It is divided into three parts: exhibitor registration, audience registration, and conference registration. It is convenient for exhibitors and visitors to carry out exhibition work and visit exhibitions faster and more conveniently.

Fourth, during the exhibition, the 2017 domestic nut planting information technology exchange seminar was held for the first time. To promote the scientific development of raw material planting in the whole industry, exchange and share experiences, jointly discuss and solve problems in the development of the industry, and strive to cultivate and build a food safety chain from raw materials, planting to processing.

Fifth, the “China Nut Seed Industry Development Alliance Sunflower Alliance and Peanut Alliance” will be established. Sunflower and peanuts are China's dominant agricultural products, and their output and sales volume rank first in the world for a long time. Therefore, the establishment of the Sunflower and Peanut Alliance is of great significance. It will have an unprecedented positive contribution to the innovation and transformation of China's sunflower and peanut industry and the development of the global sunflower and peanut industry.

The sixth is to recognize enterprises and industry associations that have made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry in 2016. It will commend the top 20 enterprises in the national nut roasted seeds and nuts industry comprehensive economy (brand) in 2016, the top 10 credit enterprises in the national nut roasted seeds and nuts industry in 2016, and the industry associations that provide quality services for the development of the national nut roasted seeds and nuts industry in 2016. Through the establishment of advanced, encourage advanced, promote the advanced in the industry, and play an advanced leading role.

Seventh is the eleventh new product promotion, new equipment (packaging), new technology, new additives, new food desiccant, ingredients and other new product promotion conferences and the 2017 national nut roasted seeds and nuts industry annual meeting are connected by the Internet. It can be promoted to the world in real time, and can interact with online and offline consumers in real time, greatly enhancing the intensity, breadth and depth of this exhibition.

In short, through the reform of this exhibition and the holding of a variety of activities with rich positive energy, I believe that the achievements and experience of the nut and roasted seeds and nuts industry in China will be summarized and guided, and the whole industry will continue to develop healthily and rapidly under the new normal. Play a positive role.