The using guide of Moisture Absorber Bag

- Dec 26, 2019-

Moisture Absorber Bag

Specification: 248g/500ML

The moisture absorber bag is made with high absorption Calcium Chloride crystals granule to help absorb moisture, remove mildew and odor and prevent bacterial growth.  It is safe, economical and fashionable – an essential household product.


1. Suggested Use: Place in closet, bathroom, bedroom, bookcase, kitchen, laundry room, storage room, etc.

2. Instructions for Use:

a. Remove moisture absorber bag from outer packaging and hang in closet, bookcase or any sealed place desired.

b. Keep approximately 2”- 4” between the hanging bag and any belongings to ensure the moisture absorber bag can effectively absorb the humidity

c. Hang 1 - 2 moisture absorber bag(s) in separate areas of closet (the higher the enclosed space and distance between bags of placement, the longer the life of the product)

d. Replace with new moisture absorber bag after all crystals have completely dissolved.

3. Lasted Time: 1-3 months depending on air humidity conditions and placement of product

4. Storage: 3 years in a cool, dry, sealed condition

5. Warnings:

a. Do not tear off package before using to avoid moisture damage

b. Do not knead or puncture moisture absorber bag when using to avoid damage

c. Do not ingest

d. Keep out of reach of children

e. Store away from food and drink