Types of Container Desiccant

- Oct 08, 2019-

Commonly Used Types of Container Desiccant 

There are many types of container desiccants, and the raw materials currently used to produce container desiccant are: calcium chloride, silica gel, montmorillonite, quicklime. Among them, calcium chloride is used as the preferred raw material for the production of container desiccant because of its strong adsorption capacity, long-lasting adsorption capacity and high safety performance.

1. Container container desiccant using calcium chloride as raw material. Features: moisture absorption rate up to 300%, suitable for large container space.

DMF Free Chunwang Container Desiccant

2. Container desiccant using silica gel as raw material. Features: safe and environmentally friendly, low price.

Silica Gel Dehumidifying Package

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