What are the advantages of Chunwang desiccant

- Sep 03, 2018-

1. Advantages of moisture absorption: In terms of moisture absorption performance, Chunwang desiccant is superior to similar products in the same industry.

2. Complete range: Most manufacturers consciously attack other desiccants in order to promote a desiccant. It ignores the characteristics of the customer's product itself. Chunwang recommends the best solution based on the customer's own products. For example, high-end precision instruments require a smectite desiccant. Chunwang desiccant is rich in variety and suitable for various industries.

3. Quality advantage: Chunwang desiccant is very demanding, no waste and recycled materials, and won the recognition of customers with excellent quality.

4. Brand advantage: Chunwang desiccant, long-term cooperation with many world-renowned companies and brands, many industry-recognized desiccant brands.

5. Environmental advantages: Chunwang desiccant does not contain EU restrictions such as DMF and any biocide, and complies with US military standard MIL-D-3464E and Chinese military standard GJB2714, which is non-polluting, safe and environmentally friendly.

6. Comprehensive advantages: strong production capacity, complete production equipment, through the extremely strict BSCI and Watson's inspection, ISO9001 and other certification systems.