What are the advantages of molecular sieve desiccant compared to other desiccants

- Dec 27, 2018-

Everyone knows that molecules are tiny particles that make up a substance. They are invisible to the human eye. Although the shapes and sizes of various substances are not the same, it is extremely difficult to distinguish them from each other. However, molecular sieve desiccants are capable of doing the job.

The structure of the molecular sieve desiccant is like a sponge. The inside is arranged with dense holes, and the holes are connected to each other and criss-cross. It is calculated that the inner surface area of the pores per gram of molecular sieve can reach more than 800 square meters. When different substances pass through the molecular sieve, only some molecules with small volume can be unblocked, and other molecules are not stopped outside, or are adsorbed in the pores. Can not break free, so as to achieve the purpose of screening molecules. This is also the origin of the name "molecular sieve".

The commonly used desiccants are calcium chloride desiccant, silica gel desiccant, etc., which can reduce the water content in the air to about 0.4 g/m3. The molecular sieve desiccant can reduce the water content in the air to less than 0.01 g/m3. It can be seen that molecular sieves can make the ambient air drier. In addition, the water absorption of the molecular sieve desiccant is little affected by the relative humidity, and even at a relative humidity of 10%, there is a high adsorption amount.