What is a column desiccant

- Apr 20, 2018-

Column desiccant is an important packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry and the health care industry. They are small high-density polyethylene plastic bottles containing adsorbent materials such as silica gel, molecular sieves, alumina, activated carbon and the like. Column desiccants are typically delivered to vials and vials at high speed. The existing columnar desiccants on the market are characterized by their all food grade and comply with FDA 21 CFR and EU standards.


The unique design of the column desiccants allows them to better match the dispensing equipment and can therefore be easily included in the factory line containing the vials. Standard column desiccants range from 0.5 grams to 3 grams for different sizes of vials.

Advantages of column desiccant in the pharmaceutical industry

It is becoming possible to package medicines in an efficient manner to maintain shelf life through increasingly improved practices and technologies. The main reasons why column desiccants are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry are:

1. The column desiccant used in the pharmaceutical industry is almost dust-free, thus eliminating any type of product contamination.

2. When the pressure is increased, they can still maintain a complete seal and will not be easily damaged.

3. It can be sterilized by radiation.

4. The porous end made of plastic can eliminate the influence of dust

5. Special design ensures easy use

FDA-compliant column desiccants made from HDPE materials are widely discovered and used due to their advantages in different industries, and have been tested in harsh weather conditions to prove that even transporting them to different locations ensures Product safety.