What is Moisture Content

- Nov 08, 2019-

Moisture content is an indicator of the actual moisture content of the rock. The ratio of the weight of moisture (Gw) contained in the pores of the rock to the weight of the dry geotechnical (Gs), the weight and moisture content (Wg); the volume of the soil containing moisture (Vw) and the inclusion of voids. The ratio of the geotechnical volume (V) within is called the volumetric moisture content (Ww). There are two ways to express the moisture content of a material: wet basis representation and dry basis representation. The wet basis representation is based on the mass of the material and the dry basis representation is based on the solid dry matter in the material.

The desiccant with less moisture content should have better performance( absorb more moisture)

The moisture content of desiccant is less than 3% or 5%.

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