Double Packs 500G Car Desiccant Bag

Double Packs 500G Car Desiccant Bag

Double Packs 500G Car desiccant bag for moisture remove, to avoid the mildew,rust and other damp damage

Product Details


Double Packs 500G Car Desiccant can widely use in everything that need keep away from moisture such as in Car, Livingroom, Storehouse, Bedroom etc.  Chunwang is a leading manufacturing in desiccant and have rich experience in moisture absorbent products area. We select high quality desiccant material, inspect each batch of incoming materials before it is put into production, to ensure high efficient moisture absorption ability, bring the biggest benefits to our customers.

Double Packs 500G Car Desiccant Bag is filled with Silica Gel granules, absorption rate of this material is around 30% in the normal temperature and pressure. This item could be reusable after drying in the microwave, heater or oven around  8 minutes.

Product information :

Item name             Double packs 500G Car Desiccant  

Raw material         Silical gel granules    

Net weight             500g*2    

Packaging             Black PET fabric+color box    

Customized           Acceptable  

Certification           REACH,ROHS,MSDS,SGS,etc    

MOQ                      3000units 

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